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one of the hardest groups on myspace, actually the best in scene since 2006, PD become so different than other perfection groups since they created the whole new ideas of contests, street team, staff, modeling pages & merchandise

group owner and co-founder Jason Miller aka Goth is best known as the wiseman of the group and the master of puppets, he control everyone in his group and have every other group in war with him and his successful PD

Goth has standards and rules to follow, like tagging PD up, be artistic to get into their galleries, have editing experience and mind creativity for topics

most people who joined are described as scene, heavy makeup, eyeliners and wearing hello kittie jewelery.

Perfection Dolls was created on september 2004 at vampirefreaks.com then moved to myspace.com for the over-popularity rates on myspace
did you heard of Perfection dolls ? yes i wanted to be accepted too many times, they don't want me in

by Adam Burton June 26, 2007

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