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An incredibly harsh, violent, non-rhythmic hand-job.Motion should give the impression of primates in the jungle or at the zoo. Also known as a "2001" in reference to the opening scene in the movie.
" Oh man, I got so wasted last night I let this Fugly give me a Gorilla fist behind the bar! I can barely walk today...."
by Adam Basich April 13, 2008
the art of stuffing ones testicles into the vaginal opening while maintaining complete anal penetration. References the extremely difficult act of trying to bathe a cat in a sink." (AKA Balls in a box)
"Bro, last night I totally stuffed my nuts into this girls snot-wallet while boning her in the chocolate starfish. It was harder than keeping a cat in a sink."
by Adam Basich April 27, 2008
1: to masturbate with a recently broken hand. (bruising should be present)
2: masturbating so violently that one breaks their hand.
"I gave myself a blueberry fist before they put my cast on."
by Adam Basich February 18, 2008

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