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A coin that you believe is a quarter(because of it's size), but turns out to be a nickel at the worst possible time.
I got all the way to the {vending machine} and was 40 cents short cause two of the quarters I thought I grabbed turned out to be bitch nickels.
by Adam (______) The Person January 16, 2009
A request or demand for a fact to be checked on {IMDB}.
You think Paul from {The Wonder Years} is actually {Marilyn Manson}? That's ridiculous, I'll bet you $5 if you "IMDB it", you're wrong.
by Adam (______) The Person January 02, 2009
Taking a crap in a quick manner to fool others into thinking you only peed.
I had to take a quick crap last night after I brought my date home. That Mexican food really hit me hard.
by Adam (______) The Person December 29, 2008
Buying presents for acquaintances out of fear they might surprise you with a gift.
"Great!" I'll have to start my defensive shopping tonight after work. I have a bad feeling Peggy's gonna surprise me with one of those sweaters she loves to knit for Christmas.
by Adam (______) The Person December 17, 2008
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