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Main Entry: beer·ti·ful
Pronunciation: 'bir-ti-f&l
Function: adjective
1:Having qualities of beauty hidden from the un-medicated eye, evinced only by the liberating effects of alcohol.
2:Harboring questionable aesthetic values; questions answered only amidst an inebriation celebration.
"Hey man, you totally hooked up with fatily natalie last night at craig's party! What the hell were you thinking?"
"Dude, last night she was so beertiful. I need to stop drinking."
by Adam Loes September 13, 2006
1) Any building or structure built to serve as or that ends up serving as a symbol of the size of a nation's communal penis.

2) Any American Military installations built after 1952.
The Pentegon is the world's Superiority-complexiest superiority-complex.

Unfoundedly Sumg Frenchman: "These stupid Americans have nothing but a massive superiority complex. Haah haah (complete with standard French accent/phlegm)"
by Adam Loes March 06, 2007

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