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Recreational drug database located at www.erowid.org
Read up on erowid before you take some shit and kill yourself!
by Adam! March 28, 2005
A moogle man. Or a man Moogle. No one knows. A cool spriter.
"Is it a Moogle?"
"Is it a Man?"
"No its DarthMoogle!"
by Adam! June 02, 2004
A large wad of money.
Damn, nigga got that choke.
by Adam! March 15, 2005
Another word for poo.
"Whoa! I left a big Macky in the toilet!"

"Dude, you have some macky on you shoe.
by Adam! June 01, 2004
Sex machine. Better than you.
Girl- Its Woosh! Lets show him our bewbs."

Woosh- "Bewbies!"
by Adam! June 02, 2004
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