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When a facebook friend of yours cleans out their friendlist and you realize that you have unwittingly survived a, on their part, mass friend deletion of epic proportion.
"Your friends list when from like, 650 down to 225. Guess I survived the defriendocalypse, eh?"
by Ad_Noctum March 12, 2010
The act of a tree deflecting a thrown disc golf disc in a positive manner.
Damn, dude- you've been getting massive tree love this whole round!
by Ad_Noctum December 03, 2009
A previous significant other's naughty bits... an ex-box, if you will.
Fun to play with, but prone to rapid shutdown if the right buttons aren't pushed....
Dude, last night I ran into the xbox at the bar and took her back to my place. She's learned some new tricks, but whatever- She was still fun to play.
by Ad_Noctum May 05, 2010
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