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2 definitions by Ad Man

v. When one drives by a random person on the street and yells "Jonnyyyyyyyyyyy!" while simultaneously waving at them, that person has been Jonnied.
The goal of the Jonny is simply to mess with peoples' heads.
Dan: Let's Jonny that guy.
Adam: *drives by* eh Jonnyyyyyyy!
by Ad Man July 31, 2011
n. One who keeps mass amounts of unneeded emails in their inbox in fear of needing them for future reference, when in reality that fear is completely irrational.
Bob: Holy crap why do you have so many friggin emails in your inbox? There's one from over a year ago. You must have like 100 emails

Billy: cuz i might still need them duh

Bob: You are an email hoarder bro
by Ad Man August 15, 2011