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Floresville is a small town on near the outskirts of San Antonio. It is full of many people coming from many positions, including a bunch of dumb asses that think their gangsters. Theres almost nothing to do in Floresville, probably because of the towns historical value. One of the only annual things is the Peanut festival, where people come from all over, including Houston just to see.

The people there can be nice, or just be a bunch of douchebags depending on who you meet. Some are racists, some are sexist, and many more are just plain mean. However, if you look hard enough, you can find a person or two that are different.

However, Texas probably doesnt know that much about Floresville, which is why a bunch of people come to "false accusations" about it.

For being a small town, it has one of the best bands in all of Texas. It also contains many sports groups and clubs ranging from the Historians, to the WCSL.

Floresville is quite crappy, and more often than not, nobody in their right mind would want to live there. However, it doesnt get as much recognition as it deserves.
Floresville may contain rude Mexicans, but its better than the racist crap you get on the south side of San Antonio.
by Actual Investigator November 28, 2011

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