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a derivative of the word "virtual" invented by Sega as a prefix to many of their games
Virtua Cop appeared in arcades and on the Sega Saturn
by Action Steve October 19, 2005
A method of sleeping in a double bed with each person under a different sheet layer.

the stager sheet sleep method is used to help prevent accidental contact during sleep.

comonly used in combination with the heterosexual man barrier
The two boys used the stager sheet sleep method because each was afraid one would touch the other during the night.
by Action Steve May 23, 2006
One male's platonic liking of another male in a totally heterosexual way.

Not because of sexual attraction but because of respect for the other male's poise, attitude, style, or all around being.
Every guy at school has a healthy man crush on Patrick, yeah, he's just that rad.
by Action Steve May 23, 2006
discrete and rapid thrusts with a sharp object, usually with something homemade or makeshift and usually directed toward to lower torso.

not to be confused with stab.
Rafael shanked his target in the gut with a ballpoint pen as he walked past him on the sidewalk.
by Action Steve July 29, 2006
A long pillow used to lay over and weigh down the sheets between two straight males sharing a double bed.

A heterosexual man barrier is set up to help prevent accidental contact during sleep.

comonly used in combination with the stager sheet sleep method.
The two boys were afraid to sleep in the same double bed without the aid of a heterosexual man barrier.
by Action Steve May 23, 2006
to fight

used extensively in the 1979 film The Warriors

one who bops is called a "bopper"
"Coney Island must be 50-100 miles from here, we'll have to bop our way home."
by Action Steve July 23, 2006
Acronym for Jewish Positioning System.

Used to describe a Jewish person with extraordinary urban directional skills.

A JPS is highly skilled in reading street maps, street signs, bus transfer maps, and tour guides.
if we didn't have Isaac, our JPS, we never would have gotten where we needed to go.
by Action Steve June 02, 2006
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