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#twjs stands for "Thats What Jing Said"
Similar to a "Thats what she said" these are usually sexual innuendos but commonly the phrase is gay, creepy or a bit noncey.
"Got absolutely shafted at work today"
#thats what she said ##twss #jing #gay #innuendo
by Action man June 18, 2014
An interchangeable word for gay.
1- have you seen James has a boots loyalty card?
2- yeah he's such a Jing!
#gay #puff #fag #bumder #homosexual
by Action man August 24, 2012
So-called musical performer, proof that one can sell millions of CDs with no talent whatsoever.

Perpetrator with then-boyfriend Kevin Federline of a reality TV series (Britney and Kevin: Chaotic) that showed just how awful reality TV can be.

Someone who has accomplished a very difficult feat -- making Madonna's career look classy by comparison.

Presently, a demonstration of what happens as Andy Warhol’s fifteen minutes runs out.

A future case study of the rise and fall of a tween idol.

A Poster Girl (through her divorce from K-Fed) for having a good attorney, and getting a good pre-nup.

Present and future fodder for the National Enquirer, tabloid television, tmz.com, etc.

One of many plagues unleashed on the world by the 1990s edition of The Mickey Mouse Club.
Britney Spears will probably blow all the money she's ever made trying to prolong her celebrity past its expiry date.
#tween #k-fed #talentless #fake #idol #has-been
by Action Man June 15, 2007
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