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when you just type random letters in a chat room or IM. In some public chats, it can result in getting banned for a short amount of time. Also THE EASIEST think to say when you don't want to say, but REALLY ANNOYING when the other person just wants to be serious FOR ONCE
"She just kept spamming me in the Gmail chat. I just wanted to have a normal conversation."
by AcousticEmo December 22, 2008
the actual definition of gay is happy or merry, but it has progressed to become the moniker for homosexual, or loving someone who is the same gender as you. gay does NOT mean weird or stupid, that's just what retarded dumbass people say to get some people to like them.
the two good ways:

1. Let's have a gay old time!

2. My uncle is gay, but there isn't anything wrong with it

the bad way:

1.stop acting gay
by AcousticEmo December 26, 2008

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