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Total Abel Move; to tell your friends one thing and do the complete opposite. To say you are going to hang out knowing that you are going to play video games while your tell your friends that your hanging out with fire ass chicks.
"Yo bro I am hanging out with fire ass chicks right now" (while you are playing video games by your self, TAM).

"Yeah I will meet you at tailgating" (but you told your friends you are working in PHX when they see you drive by them in the same town, TAM)

"Yo I am at work right now" (Then you are busted driving by a group of your friends on your way to your house, TAM)

"Yeah bro I got drums" (When you don't own drums at all, TAM)

"Yeah bro I am going sake bombing with fire ass chicks" (no such chicks are going soke bombing, TAM)
by AconcernedPDT November 19, 2011
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