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A way of describing the fact that one is cold.
Hurry up mate, I'm "Freezing my tits off." out here in the snow!
by Acky190 February 09, 2009
Someone in the armed forces who is either on the sick, medically downgraded or cannot participate in planned physical training. Can also be used to describe someone who although physically 100% fit is incapable of completing simple manual tasks, e.g. running, marching etc

The limbs have taken on the constancy of a noodle, floppy and with no bone structure.

Someone who is afflicted with Noodle Limbs then becomes a Noodler e.g. someone who spends their day Noodling around not achieving anything constructive.
Alex: Why is Nick the Prawn not on PT today mate?
Ash: He injured himself on the run the other day, and has got proper Noodle Limbs now!
by Acky190 April 14, 2011

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