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The name for sandstorms in the sudanese language; also a multi-puropse word.
ex.1 During the drought seasons, you can find a strong Haboob

ex.2 Yo man that rice was a great haboob!
by Acidplanet_Member October 22, 2005
To be messed up badly or to have been assualted brutaly

To have been sexed up alot
The guy was murked after de 5 guys beat de shit out of him

she got murked by her ex unitl she was in alot of pain
by Acidplanet_Member September 28, 2005
When a girl likes to look at peoples blog, and dont reply or comment on them.
Rick: Yo this girl keeps checking my blog but no comments
Bill:damn she's a mon mon!
Rick: Damn that mon mon!!
by Acidplanet_Member October 22, 2005
The broken down english word for Short Girl; A girl whom is rediculously short for her age.
bill: yo you seen that girl?
steven: yea man, shes a shart gyal!
bill:wow thats hot
by Acidplanet_member October 30, 2005

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