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A hilarious, charismatic rapper/doe boy, whose real name is believed to be Nasir Fardar, who has,and arguably rightfully so, dubbed himself "the King of Philly." His flow is quite different than most other rappers, and he allegedly ghost wrote (without recieving full payment or credit) for the equally talented (yet completely fake) homosexual rapper Lil'Wayne during his tenure with the Cash Money label. Gillie's trademark "sound effects" include an obnoxious screech, and a high pitched "ya know!"
Gillie refers to himself as the 80 karat kid/man, the King of Philly(or PHI), the Nortorious K I D, The Kid, or simply Gillie. Lil' Wayne initiated a beef with The Kid by labeling him "Willie the Squid" on Da Drought 3. Since then, Gillie has gone on the offensive "exposin" the fakes in the rap game, including Wayne, Cassidy, etc.
"Now All the Hoes Call Me Gillie Da Kid
And Everybody Knows Philly Is His
Philly Stand Up, E.A.!
F I 2g A, S, yes!"
by ACIDHEAD November 20, 2007
A spice grown in South East Asia and the West Indies, whose proper nomenclature is Myristca Fragans. Commonly used in eggnog around the holidays or in certain dishes, nutmeg gained a reputation among prisoners and bohemians as a cheap, legal, but long lasting high.

Effects include rapid heart beat, flushed skin, blood shot eyes, a body high comparable to hash or even a low dose of MDMA, intense sexual pleasure, vivid (and often controllable) daydreams (known as nutmeg phantasies), finding everything funny, inability to walk (particularly if taken at bed time the night prior), frequently having to urniate/inhibition of urination, general giddiness, empathy and/or shift in perspective, and possible organ (liver) damage, although the latter is purely speculation do the fact that a chemical in nutmeg known as safarole is known to be hepatoxic. High quality, fresh off the boat nutmeg yields the best results. Be prepared for a 3 day bender...

Dosage varies from person to person, batch to batch of material, and even trip to trip at the same dose of the same material. For all you fucktards saying "go ahead and eat it man" or "make space paste or a tea dude, it works and tastes good " (if cat litter tastes good, go for it), its time to wakeup: Measure out your dose, then take a tablespoon and a few pieces of toilet paper. Most tp is segmented, and breaks into nice little squares. Fill each tablespoon up and place each lump of powder onto the toilet paper. Now get the drink of your choice, place each "bomb" (tp filled with meg) in your mouth, and flood your mouth with the fluid. Take a big gulp. It should slide down your throat with little resistance or gagging. No nasty taste, no shit stuck in your teeth, just painfree and easy. This action is known as parachuting, bombing, or goldfishing. If powdered nutmeg is not available, you may want to find some fresh, unprocessed whole pieces of nutmeg which you can either ground up, or, if you are a real man or woman, eat the whole pieces with some orange juice as a chaser. Whole nutmeg doesn't taste nearly as foul as the powdered variety, in fact it tastes not even half bad. Its spicy!
Convict 1: "Where the fuck is my meth?!"

Inmate 2: "I lost it sir, but I got you some nutmeg. It will have you trippin for days!"

Convict 1: "Toss my salad bitch!"
by ACIDHEAD November 12, 2007
1.a crazy motherfucker. 2. A devoted fan of Slightly Stoopid and member of their street team.
G: "Stop playing around wit me son or I'm gonna slit open yo bitch ass gizzad..."

Juan: "Hey take it easy homes! No need to act all ese loco n' shit."


Stoner Sam: Hey bro, you going to see Stoopid in Philly?

Harry Hed: Fuck ya, I'm an ese loco so I get backstage passes!
by AcidHead October 26, 2007
A bombass strain of maryjane (cannabis)
You dude, I've never been so high before. We need to get more of that supersonic shit!
by ACIDHEAD November 12, 2007
An elaborate, vivid, and often seemingly "controllable" daydream that can be intensely pleasurable, scary, or phantasmagorical, caused by consuming copious amounts of nutmeg in order to obtain psychoactive effects. These episodes are usually intiated through contemplation, meditation, drifting off to a near sleep or trance like state, daydreaming, spacing out, listening to ambient or dreamy music, or even just randomly. Use caution when working with nutmeg. Start with low doses.
Dude, I had the craziest nutmeg phantasy the other day! I was walking home from school in a snowstorm, and then all of the sudden, I imagined that I was in a new Terminator movie, and my neighborhood was a battle field. I could hear gunshots and everything. Then I started to be able to "direct the action" and made a movie preview in my mind. I have never laughed so hard in my life, and out of all the nutmeg phantasies I've had, that one takes the cake.
by ACIDHEAD November 12, 2007
Marijuana that has a mildewy & distinct "grown in a basement" taste (i.e. it was grown "down in a dungeon".) Usually of low quality & potency, but not always seed riddled mids, dungeon bud breaks apart very easily yet is very stringy in consistency, making it difficult to roll into joints or blunts, and causing it to burn rapidly. No-nothing teenagers and inferior indoor growers are the prime producers of dungeon bud. Dungeon bud often has various contaniments lingering on it such as dryer sheet residue, carpet fibers, cobwebs, mold, etc. that further add to the unpleasant taste & overall smoking experience. Just say no to dungeon bud when offered.
Dungeon Bud Dave: Hey man, I got some banging buddha for sale. Grew it myself, top shelf shit my dude.

You: Fuck off Dave, your Dungeon Bud is nasty and burns like the Hindenburg. Get a real grow-op, & not one in yo mama's basement.
by ACIDHEAD August 16, 2009
Another name for the formerly caffeinated "black out in a can", Four Loko.
Dude this shit is no jo ko. It really gets the job done every time, and then some.
by acidhead June 24, 2011

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