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Yet another internet slang word for penis
"This website makes my Kawk happy"
by Acid-Snake November 13, 2003
Chibi is the japanese word for "small", and tech, of course is "technology"

Chibitech means "Small Technology"
"The PDA's internal components are comprised mostly of Chibitech"
by Acid-Snake May 08, 2003
Exclamation, A modified version of w00t

word created mid-game by Dave Matthews, of New Jersey

Other known versions (1): w00tz0rz
OMFGZ!!1!!, i totally r0x0r3d that d00d....w00tz0r!!!1!!1
by Acid-Snake March 24, 2003
What Faroramzes does to himself on a daily basis (smacking himself in the forehead with a penis)
"Damn, he so wacked himself in tha head with that kawk"
by Acid-Snake November 13, 2003

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