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A way to smoke weed where you use tobacco as a screen underneath your dope. Gives good head rushes
" Fuck Mad Headbuzz of that fat yacht!"

" If I can not smoke a yacht, I will not smoke at all"
by Acid Breaker 67 January 26, 2009
Scraybles is the leaf and busted up bud at the bottom of your bag of dope, you tin of dope, or anything that contains dope.
" Man can you smoke me up, all I got is scraybles!"

" Might as well roll a conga with all these scraybles from QP"
by acid breaker 67 January 26, 2009
Where a person has a disfigured lip that makes their lip 4 times bigger than normal.
" Dude Horse Lip is coming our way, stare at that floor!"

" Oh man did you see Horse Lip today in hockey, she actually thoguht she could play, she'd be better in net stopping pucks with her lip!"
by Acid Breaker 67 January 26, 2009

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