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A grammar-Nazi is a person who is anal retentive about the use of words, improper spelling of words, and when and where there should be commas, apostrophes, and what not. They are the geeks of literature and think they are the guardians of language. They proclaim themselves to be some of the most intelligent beings 'proven' by the fact that 'people with higher vocabularies and proper spelling have average higher IQ scores' and other unfounded proclamations.

It is known that some of the most genius men in history were poor spellers. In fact, Albert Einstein was such a horrible speller, he was thought to be mentally retarded early in his life. Anyone who has ever been around a mathematician, physicist, or engineer can usually attest to their bad note-taking, improper use of punctuation, and poor spelling. Yet, these people are responsible for flying us across the oceans, putting people and satellites into space to power your phones, TV's, and what-not's.

There are several types of intelligence a human can exuberate. Social scientist Howard Gardner has determined through much research that there are essentially 8 different types of intelligence where a person may excel, so how can someone be more intelligent based solely on the fact they can spell better?
Person 1: "Are we to dumb to read now adays is that why news is in videos now"
Grammar-nazi " "Are we TOO dumb to read NOWADAYS? Is this why most news is in video format now?" haha fixed, I'm way better than you. I have a higher intelligence than everyone else because I can correct spelling and grammar!"
Person 1: "Who cares faggot, you need to get laid."
by Achilles9x February 22, 2012

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