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The psychological need of someone to close down the window shutters, dim the lights, turn off the phone, eat junk food, surf on the internet, watch TV, listen to music and use drugs, remaining in this condition for few hours, days or weeks, into her/his flat, denying to go out or to meet anybody, like she/he is hiding into her/his own cave. Strongly connected to Minor or Major Depression and Agoraphobia.
A: Man, I haven't seen Matthew for ages! Where has he been?
B: He hasn't been out of his house for a good two weeks now, isolated, eating pizzas and smoking weed...
A: Holy molly, he's caving again...

A: What's your plan for tonight, hommie?
B: Ain't going out, I'll be caving, I need to chill and avoid socializing
by Achilles Peklaris September 01, 2010
going around meeting people and expressing negative comments about someone (or something).
Talkin' shit about someone.
eg. after what happened between us, she started bitchin' around for me, saying how mean i am etc.

She didn't like the game and she started bitchin' around, complaining to everyone.
by Achilles Peklaris October 05, 2007
the office crowd, running like rats in the subway and the streets between 7.30-8.30 to get at their desks on time.
New York, dude! That's the biggest ratrace on this damn planet!
by Achilles Peklaris October 23, 2007
The movement one does with his/her cellphone, sliding/riding it like a surfboard on his/her clothes, in order to wipe the fingerprints, water drops, sand etc. off the screen and/or the keyboard.
"Dude, you gotta clothesurf your cell, looks way too filthy"

She was so nervous that she kept clothesurfing her iPhone massively during our conversation
by Achilles Peklaris January 20, 2011
The mild blast you get after leaving a glass bottle full of water into the freezer for hours.
A: Man, i thought i got frikkin bombed, but it turned up it was just a dynamice in my freezer.

B: Aw, u left again the damn bottle in there...
by Achilles Peklaris August 24, 2010

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