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1 definition by Acesnofafar

(noun) A symptom usually consisting of goosebumps, violent gastrointestinal stomach pains, and finally followed by the inevitable tsunami of vomit, caused by a graphic visualization or other sensory perception of disgusting matters.
Example 1:

Roman: Hey, if I'm spending the night at your dorm, Frank's gonna have to take his sex-blanket with him; that thing is disgusting.

McDaniels: laughs Man, I know.

Roman: I'm like, what, and/or how much seminal and vaginal discharge fluid could he possibly have on that thing...

McDaniels: laughs Ew, not to mention his underboob sweat...

Roman: shivers Dude, shut the fuck up please, you're giving me nausearrhea...oh god...

Example 2:

Momo: Hey, can I use your other bathroom. I just saw your mom taking a dump and she gave me nausearrhea.

Example 3:

Frank: What the hell is that smell?

Culi: Girl, don't look at me...ugh, whatever it is, it's giving me hella nausearrhea.

Example 4:

McDaniels: Hey man, are you okay?

Candy Macaroni: I don't know bro: I just saw and heard an orangutan giving birth...fuck, and it's giving me nausearrhea.

McDaniels: Why were you at the zoo? Who would let you near animals!! And why does everyone keep getting nausearrhea!?
by Acesnofafar September 18, 2011