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I refer you to my last answer.

Used when you can't be arsed to retype stuff.
Person A: What's that?
Person B: A Frog
Person A: What's that?
Person B: iru2mla
by AcesPie February 25, 2005
a scummy town with too many townies.

From Clevedon, Bristol.
Person A: I used to live in Clevedon.
Person B: Bad luck
by AcesPie February 24, 2005
great town, fantastic place to live.

From the town of Nailsea, Bristol.

Opposite to Clevedon, Bristol, the scummiest town in Britain.
This place is a proper nailsea!
by AcesPie February 24, 2005
1) rhythm and blues
2) The most pointless music ever, worse even than rap. Good example is usher, a third rate singer who has become famous for his "good" looks. people who listen to r&b are generally 13 year old girls or chavs. r&b is nothing like rhythm and blues, despite being named for it. Despite being officially classed as music, is nothing like iron maiden or rage against the machine
1) Stevie Wonder is a r&b singer.
2)Usher, Ashanti and Nelly and all examples of r&b "singers"
by AcesPie February 28, 2005
Before you start on me, i have heard some of the beatles' music, but i have to say, (with the exception of "hey jude") it hasnt excited me that much. they are over-rated, whatever anyone says, they are certainly not the best band ever. as for influential, i'd say bob dylan, led zepplin, van halen and iron maiden are more influential. i think the reason they were so popular in the 60's was that they were something new that no-one had really seen before. i do like "hey jude" though.
p.s.: i'm not a linkin park fan
by AcesPie March 04, 2005

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