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5 definitions by Acedaddyyo

Being served by the lunchroom lady at the same time she's fixing your lunch. One of the rarest occurrences in Servdom.
Lunchroom Lady: "What do you want with your chicken, Ponch?"

Nicole: "Dude, the lunchroom lady just called you Ponch, cause she thinks you look like Erik Estrada."

Mikey: "OMG! I've just been Double Served."
by Acedaddyyo May 21, 2010
The cost of weed downunder.
Hey mate, what did you pay for this weed?


by Acedaddyyo April 19, 2011
An excessive amount of perspiration, due to the consumption of an enormous amount of pork BBQ, which leads to a bout of explosive diarrhea.
Uh Oh..That Gway dude just got the meat sweats from all the BBQ he consumed..He's pinching his checks together and trying to make it to the bathroom in time.
by Acedaddyyo August 28, 2011
British slang for a male with no testicles.
Mika the singer.
by Acedaddyyo January 23, 2010
British slang for a male with no testicles.
Mika the singer, his voice is celestial.
He hits the high notes, because he has no testicles.
by Acedaddyyo January 23, 2010