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4 definitions by Acebinkley

One's prostate gland reacting to someone's descriptions of painful experiences, or a reaction to the sight of someone elses painful experience. This is a dull, almost tingly sensation that lasts a few seconds and then disappears into the ether. Depending on the duration and magnitude of the sensation, this could be the equivalent of your prostate crying uncontrollably, or just emitting a concerned sigh.
My wife told me about her mom's varicose vein surgury, and I almost doubled-over from prostate empathy.
by Acebinkley August 16, 2005
When someone is in enough pain from any non-life threatening ailment, where they can't sit comfortably in a chair. They keep wiggling and slurking...eventually settling in a position with a head tilted to the side...as if they are on the phone...
I pulled up a chair so my wife would play me in Madden 95(All-Madden vs. Jets). I looked-over at her at halftime and saw that due to her increasing abdominal pain, she was on the phone, so we had to quit.
by Acebinkley August 09, 2005
In Poker, it is the absolute worst hand possible. It is when you end-up with 3 black cards and 2 red cards, or vice-versa. There can be no pairs, a shit hand. Loses to a toilet flush and every other hand.
"i went all in with a full toilet and got blasted by a pair of 2s on the river"

"she took one look at my full toilet and disposed of it with her toilet flush to win the WSOP."
by Acebinkley July 27, 2005
This is an awkward, off-balance action where a person or animal sort of slides and scoots at the same time with one leg kind of sticking-out to the side and one leg folded underneath where most of the locomotion is generated by both hands and one knee....or both hands and the ass.
1. The baby slurked across the deck in efforts to fall down the stairs into the yard.

2. My cat slurked across the carpet because she thought it was a $3000 square of toilet paper that I installed for her.
by Acebinkley August 09, 2005