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5 definitions by AceTW

Negative term to describe another person. Very similar to BASTARD but without saying the person is lacking of a Father.
That bastage Darren annoys me All DAY at work.
by AceTW September 26, 2004
108 74
See sheeple.

The act of being a sheeple.
Displaying the characteristics of a sheeple.
You just keep proving your sheepleness to the world when it comes to Linux products.
by AceTW October 28, 2004
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Adjective - def; To completely and utterly butcher a word or words in everyday conversation.
"Man, I don't know if I would want to infratai... infert.... ENTERTAIN an idea like that."

"Dude, you just paste-tasted the hell outta that one."

This descriptive term made famous by the constantly paste-tasting "Original".
by AceTW July 31, 2004
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Having the position that the current situation is untenable. The creation of a non quiet state. The disruption of one's "groove".
Dude, with all that Gregorian Chanting, you've filled my world with disquietude!
by AceTW September 26, 2004
4 1
A dream.. Fantasy, if you will, of the ever present "Bad-Mojo". Commonly used in most coversations regarding, well, anything.
"Man, did you see the score on that Bears game?"

"Yes, I bet you were watching it while thinking of a shaved, oiled and dancing Flabbio."

"You really need to see someone about those visions of yours..."
by AceTW August 02, 2004
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