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AFI is the best punk/goth band ever!!!! They have the most original sound of all time. Because of their newer songs, they are classified as emo. This is only because those people are ignorant and have never heard any of their other albums. You are not a true fan of AFI if you think Decemberunderground is their first album. You're just a douche-bag poser.
Douche-bag Poser:OMG, did you hear that new band!
True Fan:Which one?
Douche-bag Poser:AFI. OMG, Love Like winter is like the best song ever!!!!
True Fan:You stupid piece of shit, AFI is not a new band! AFI started in 1991. Get out of my face you freakin wannabe. Go to by your sixty dollar shirts at abercrombie and fitch with your fall out boy cd and go fuck yourself!
by Ace-o May 07, 2008
Stands for My Chemical romance. They are a pussy ass band that cannot make a shred of good music. The are emo fags that are goth wannabes. They suck ass.
Douche bag: OMG, I love MCR!
Badass dude: Dude, they suck so much ass that when I hear them playing, I feel like gouging my eyes out and tearing my ears of.
Douch bag: They do not suck!!!! (sniff sniff)
by Ace-o May 01, 2008

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