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3 definitions by Ace Telekinesis

When you are confroned by another quantum theorist who tells you to replace the word "universe" with "multiverse" to account for the multiple realities. Just answer with "no id rather use Inquantiverse" because it goes beyond and covers every inquantifiable possibility and impossibility without having to go into tedious detail.
Somewhere in the inquantiverse there may be alien life like our own.
by Ace Telekinesis February 20, 2008
midget, little person, dwarf, etc
The cast of the film Willow is full of meecon's. Look at that digusting disproportionate meecon.
by Ace Telekinesis February 20, 2008
When you get paid and it all goes on an ounce of weed.
Yes mate this bag is my allowounce im totally skint but boy are we gonna get wasted!
by Ace Telekinesis April 25, 2008