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a person who's trying to scare other people with his/her story usually a story of his/her grandparents pass through them. it was an old story, but edited and make it a modern version so as become real, to the new generation.
Urban Legend...when darkness is coming count dracula rise from hell and suck bloods... but now, be fared! dark 'til dawn gays are sucking dick and stealing strength of men.

im scared with gays like monster trying to hide in man's face behind
by AccessGranted November 06, 2006
its seems like a urban black Pussy cat jumping, rolling and running atop of your roof sometimes its gonna anoying and noisy(meowwww) while they f*cking each others @ss.
urban ninja : have you seen my Urban Black pussy Cat kicking mouse ass? running inside the ceiling? ... oh yah, hey cat what are you doing there inside,(meowwww)(nowwwwww) damn cat, you shutup i can't sleePPP
by AccessGranted November 07, 2006

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