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The search results that are found when looking up someone's name. Internet baggage can be good if the information that is pulled up by your name documents achievements, education, work or news clipping which contain your name. Internet baggage can be bad however if the information pulled up by your name points at low points in your life such as mention of your divorce etc.
"Dang, I looked that guy up on google and he has soooo much internet baggage. He must be old!"

"Wow, I pulled up her internet baggage and learned so much about everything she has accomplished."

"I googled your name and didn't find any internet baggage. You're a clean slate, tell me more about yourself."

"Man all that internet baggage burst my bubble!"

"I found out we have so much in common through (his/her) internet baggage."
by Acalvo April 27, 2010
The act of giving one's complete attention to quantitative information usually in the form of statistical proof most commonly populated by but not limited to computer programs such as Excel and Tableau.

Most likely to engage in the act of data-freaking are "data-freaks" not to be confused with "data-geeks" which define a population with capabilities to analyze quantitatively however in an unawesome way. (reference data-geeking)
"Due to the optimization team's intense data-freaking last night we now run our advertising campaigns more effectively."

"Hey guys, while data-freaking I found an awesome way to chart this data set!"
by ACalvo January 28, 2011

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