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Arabic word, used as an adjective and a proper name.
The literal meaning of the word in English is "glorious."

Al-Majid is also one one of the names of Allah (God) in Islam.

Synonyms include: majed, majeed.
The word might be pronounced with both the short vowel "i" or the long "i:" but the meaning is the same either way.

1. As a proper name:
Prince Majid ruled the district of Mecca (in Saudi Arabia) from 1980 to 2000.

2. For God
Allah is Al-Majid (The Glorious).
by Academe February 12, 2008
Arabic word. Means "goodness." Used both as a common and proper noun.

The name "Salahudin", the Historical Islamic leader, is made up by merging the two words: Salah and Al-Deen.
As a proper noun (name):
Salah is a wide-spread name in Arabia.
by Academe February 13, 2008

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