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Crip Word for Whassup? or what's happenin'
Whas cripalatin cuz?
by AC March 13, 2004
1) (n) Term used for local person.

2) (n) Crazy one, from the Spanish "loco", often used for friends or locals in a positive way.

3) (n) Lock or locks, as in Jheri-curls, but always pronounced with the long o as in "go".

4) (v) To "go loc" means to get ready for a drive-by or to shoot someone. This means putting on dark glasses, skullies, caps and generally getting hard to identify.

5) (n) To get high.
1)Wasssup Loc

2)"Don't you know I'm loco?"

3)Look at those Locs on that nigga

4)Damn that nigga gonna go loc

5)let's get loc'ed out
by ac January 31, 2004
Battle Of Britian
Yo u seen da special on BOB last night, boooring
by AC December 26, 2003
Another slang word for Marijuana
I smoked so much thai last night
by AC February 01, 2004
The guys busts in a clear cup, he bits the girls clit and makes her bleed into the cup, then you swirl it around and drink it.
"I had the best candy cane last night"
by ac March 02, 2004
Marijuana dipped in embalming fluid
Don't Smoke that sherm stick
by ac January 31, 2004
A bag of marijuna (weed)
Yo Yolanda got the dime bag let's head up to her crib
by ac July 14, 2004

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