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A form of online laughing. It is typically used in a differing situation where more common forms of laughing 'lol, lmao, lolol' would be used, as oxloling is normally found when:

1. Laughing at someone's misfortune.

2. Laughter when not really paying attention to what somebody has said, believing said person will be satisfied with a simple response.

3. A self-satisfactory laugh, for example believing you have just made a witty statement.
1. Guy #1 'Oh man, I just got completely owned by him.'

Guy #2 'Oxlol at you.'

2. Guy #1 'Wow, you're never gonna believe this. I nearly fell in the road just now, nearly got run over LOL.'

Guy #2 'Oxlol.'

3. Guy #1 'Toad's Factory more like Toad's Craptory. Oxlol.'
#oxlol #lol #lolol #lolz #ozlol
by Abyssion998 July 14, 2009
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