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The "main" character of Weiss Kreuz. A tempermental redhead, who works with Weiss to pay his sisters' hospital bills, and to kill the Takatoris, who killed his parents, and put his sister in a coma. Real name: Fujimiya Ran, to avenge sister, takes sister's name. Becomes Fujimiya Aya until near end of Weiss.
I'm not Fujimiya Aya, my real name is Ran. Fujimiya Ran.

::fangirl squeal:: Ran's soo cute! Plus, he's got great katana fighting skills!
by Abyssinian December 22, 2003
1. German word meaning "Guilty"
2. In <i>Weiss Kreuz</i>, the red-headed German member of Schwarz(the rival assassin team of Weiss). Schuldig is not his real name, yet it's never revealed what is. He's a telepath and he's very manipulative and sneaky. He also has the gift of speed.
You first see Schuldig(and the rest of Schwarz in episode 8: Raubtier.

Many fangirls like to pair Schuldig off with either Kudou Yohji or Brad Crawford. Usually, if he's paired off with Fujimiya Ran it's generally non-con. But not always
by Abyssinian January 26, 2004
One of the Weiss (White) members, in Weiss Kreuz. A playboy, Yohji is usually seen flirting with the girls. He fights with a sort of steel wire, released from the watch he wears.
Even though there's no proof, most fangirls make him bisexual...don't want to deny Yohji the oppotunity to bed anyone just because of their gender. XD
by Abyssinian January 20, 2004

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