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2 definitions by AbsolutelyTheUndeniableTruth

A perfectly perfect replacement noun for a penecostal or person of the penecostal movement or faith.
Dude, your girl friend just chewed me out about drinking and "smoking", what the fuck is up with her?

Uh, she was high as shit with me yesterday and then downed a bottle of strawberry hill before bed...that doesn't sound like her?

...Aw snap, I forgot, she's a hipecostal...fucking cunt


Dude, I met this chick last night...and she sucked my dick and fucked the shit outta me within like 30 minutes of knowing my name...(in the bar bathroom)

That's kinda cool...safe to say she's not a very "religious, take home to mom" type of gal eh?

Hell no, she's penecostal!

Penecostal...?...Oh, you mean HIPECOSTAL! That explains it...I guarantee you aren't the only one she fucked and sucked that night...I'd get checked bro!
by AbsolutelyTheUndeniableTruth January 21, 2011
Similar to "Snail Trailing", except done with your ass crack, preferably sweaty. Bare ass cracked starting from the bridge of the nose down to the tip, place ass crack and slide!
Not only was I Teabagged, they threw in a Moon Luge for good measure!
by AbsolutelyTheUndeniableTruth November 02, 2012