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a person who isnt in a social click at a school and cant be labeled or put in one they know everyone, hang out with everyone, everyone know him/her, and is friends with everyone. There usually very popular very smart polite well liked and good looking
New kid "Hey who is that?"

*points down the hall at a kid who is hanging out with the Crazy ones while wearing the school's football team jacket high fives a popular as he walks by and while a rocker gives him back his guitar*
Friend of new kid "How do you not know him that's Alex"

New Kid "Really what click is he with and how can i get in?"
Friend of New Kid "He isnt in a click he is a floater and just go up and talk to him"
by Absol Night July 16, 2011
an other way to say fantastic

also a great to trick your friends into feeling really stupid after they dont get it for five minutes
"I think your Fanta stick"
"You think im what....?"
*5 minutes later*
"OH!! You mean you think im fantastic!!"

by Absol Night December 06, 2011
that thing your cat does when she/he wants to go outside only to stand or sit there for a short period of time then come back in
*cats meows at door for five minutes straight*

"Ok fine" *opens door cat runs out then closes door and begins to walk away* "meow meow meow" "damn you cat and your sky checks


*cats meows at door for five minutes straight*

"Ok fine" *opens door cat sits there and looks out* "well which is it?" *five minutes later* "which is you blasted cat?! Are you done with you sky check?!!!
by Absol Night July 16, 2011
Any guy or girl that dates and or has sex with people of the opposite sex at a seeming random rate and of random choice and never having a long relationship constantly going from one person to the next, then the next, then the next and so on and not having any remorse or second thoughts and will usually cheat
Dude 1
"Dude im thinking about asking out Jenny should I?"
Dude 2

"No way man she is a total butterfly dater
by Absol Night July 16, 2011

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