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The dust that collects in the vaginal regions of an elderly, obese black woman years after retirement from prostitution.

It has proven fatal to those who have severe allergies and harbours blackteria unknown to science.
Like biohazards have their own warning sign, so should the life-threatening niggerdust.
by Abschaum March 13, 2008
Barely Blind (literal meaning - complete void of talent), are an overly popular musical group in their hometown of Groves, Texas, who are gaining a national fanbase of bitches without a proper taste in music.

Powered by the musical ignorance of others, the band manipulates elements of rock and powerpop to hypnotise twelve year olds and kids who try to be "emo". This hypnotism draws them away from the only group they listen to, My Chemical Romance, and makes them wank to fucking Barely Blind. The effects of this are so strong, that the first note of any Barely Blind song will make one of their bitch fans have an orgasm.
Hey, you guys! I heard about this awesome band called Barely Blind, who only play what they know people want to hear! You should listen to them too and make them really popular, even though they TOTALLY FUCKING SUCK! Put away that My Chemical Romance CD and take this copy of "The Way We Operate"!
by Abschaum November 04, 2007

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