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When an exceptional amount of marijuana has been consumed and instead of fulfilling your prior plans, you find yourself bolted to the couch in a stoned stupor.
"I had an interview at cosco today, but I got couch loc and missed it."
by Abrenoch January 16, 2008
A word engineered to have no specific meaning or definition, often used in a derogatory manner in order to madden a chosen victim with ignorance. It is often the lack of a specific meaning that will drive the recipient insane, simply because it will render the insult into specifically what the victim does not want to be referred to as.
"Hey Chaungus, whats up?"


"Take a chill pill, you know exactly what it means, Chaungus."
by Abrenoch February 26, 2008
The loose hanging of the male genitals
"He ran across the football field bare-assed, pipe flapp'n"

"After he banged his girl, he went to get some milk, pipe flapp'n"
by Abrenoch October 14, 2007

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