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One of the effects of consuming Powerthirst. Causes production of multiple children, up to 400 babies. Said babies will be receptive to Shockolate, and will have running prowess comparable to Kenyans.
Power-running, Power-lifting, Power-sleeping, Power-dating, Power-eating, Power-laughing, Power-spawning, Babies! You'll have so many babies! 400 BABIES!!!
by AbominableSnoCone February 21, 2009
1. A kissing style involving slipping one's tongue into the other's mouth, playing with the other's tongue, and so on
2. The language of France
3. A term used for impolite language
4. The people of France

The act of kissing in aforementioned fashion (see n-1 above)

1. Originating from France
2. A false descriptive given to many American products, such as French fries and French toast.
1. 'Hey baby, you want to try French kissing?'
2. 'Parler vous Francias?'
3. 'I hate those damn kids... pardon my French.'
4. 'The French currently do not get along with the United States'

'Did you see those two French in the hall earlier? Disgusting!'

1. 'The French police siren is a more distinct tone than the American siren.'
2. 'Would you like French Fries with your burger?'
by AbominableSnoCone May 13, 2007
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