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(noun) 1. A required legal writing and research class for 1Ls and 2Ls at Case Western Reserve University School of Law; 2. In Dante's "The Divine Comedy," an intermediate place of unspeakable torture between the Sixth and Seventh Circles of Hell, reserved for those with sadistic and masochistic tendencies; 3. (informal) jail.
1. "Do we have CORE today?" "No, we don't, thank God."
2. "As Dante traveled out of the Sixth Circle, he passed through the CORE, where he witnessed law students chained to desks, frantically typing memos on laptops that kept randomly re-starting without saving their work. Other students were forced to research unsolvable legal questions on Westlaw. Their search queries yielded them fruitless results, and their pathetic attempts to make law review dragged them through a never-ending chain of case law and statutes, none of which applied to their jurisdiction. Their cheeks were gaunt; their eyes bloodshot. All around them, an eternal weekend in which they were not allowed to participate, with beautiful weather and endless parties."
3. "Go to CORE. Go directly to CORE. Do not pass 'Go.' Do not collect $200."
by Abogado Loco November 12, 2009

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