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Hybrid vehicle. 'Brids will become more attractive after gas prices reach $4.00 per gallon.
"You got a 'brid? Dude, that's very cool and environmentally responsible."
by AbnormalBoy December 31, 2004
Respondez sil vous plait as soon as possible.
(via email)
Sarah, the car insurance policy expires tomorrow. Should I just renew or shop for better quotes?

by AbnormalBoy September 01, 2004
Pseudo: fake, false

Cyber: computers or robotics

Simian: monkeys

Symbiosis: mutual

The illusion of augmented monkeys and humans living together in harmony.
At first, the advent of augmented monkeys seemed beneficial for humanity but a sinister conspiracy on behalf of the "little metallic furry friends" soon became apparent. The realization of the pseudocybersimiansymbiosis was too late.
by AbnormalBoy February 21, 2005
Being against throwing oneself out a window.

Originates from autodefenestration, meaning "throwing oneself out a window", which originates from defenestrate, meaning "to throw out a window".
Pardon my antiautodefenestrationism, but my students must exit through the door.
by AbnormalBoy August 29, 2004
Adjective pertaining to personal computer or game console that is well suited for violent computer games (see frag).
"Damn! You've got the latest hardware on your system...very fragadellic!'
by AbnormalBoy April 19, 2004
A clique of geeks. They help each other prepare for AP exams and debug code.
Members of the gleeque hacked into the school's network.
by AbnormalBoy January 07, 2008
Nothingness in place of desired information.

Antonym: 411
Father: Son, where are you going?

Son: I'm just going to hang out with my friends.

Father: Aw come on man! Don't give me the 404. Where are you going?


(door slams)
by AbnormalBoy May 26, 2005
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