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A genre of person who dresses a certain way, sterotypically in mostly black and with articles of clothing that go against the commonly accepted "norms" of society. They also listen to a certain genre of music. Also they do not hang out with other groups of people, such as preps or jocks, because if they have non-goth friends they are a "poser". Many goths feel as though they are being unique by acting the way they do, which is true because they are different from other genres of humans. However each goth is only as unique from each other goth as much as any prep (or otherwise) is unique from any other prep. To be goth you have to conform to a certain way of dressing and acting, or else you are a poser. Therefore, one of the primary aspects of being goth is being a nonconformist, but to be goth you have to conform. So to recap, goths are just another social group and then need to relize that and stop mocking other social groups for being conformists or being annoying by acting in the manner consistent with their social group.

Goth: God look at those teeny bopper conformists.
Goth2: I know if only they would dress like us and act like us then we could like them.
Goth: Yeah, if the whole world were like us then the world would be perfect
Sociologist: Are you two aware that if you want to be unique then you shouldn't shop at the same stores as every other goth ever. By having your own genre of clothing, music, way of acting, and people who fall short of your standards and are therefore "posers", you are no more unique or better than any other group.
by Able Tothinksanely August 13, 2008

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