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A grotesque, emotional creature often female that practices promiscuous behavior, complains often, and has an unusual appetite for hay and male genitalia. Such creature often expels an odor of raw fish and eggs. Rarely would a horsepussy be seen in public except in the presence of a large male population or swimming pool. A horsepussy releases an earpiercing sound when excited or in heat (which is often) and extremely dangerous. A horsepussy should not be approached under any circumstances and those who encounter one shall run the opposite direction because a horsepussy is capable of gnawing, burning, and destroying various parts of the human body upon contact.
Woah, I saw this disgusting horsepussy in Denver today she almost got me man!" "Dude, that sucks I ran into a horsepussy in Council Bluffs and had to get rabies shots for weeks.
by AblackMan389 June 14, 2011
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