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An abercrombie zombie is someone who thinks about abercrombie all the time and wastes there pathetic lives boycotting a great store because secretly they want to be the people who shop at abercrombie and look good in those clothes but they can't. They could never afford the clothes, and so now they are jumping on the "I hate abercrombie" band-waggon. Listen, me and my friends shop at abercrombie and we are not "dumb blondes" We are just normal girls that happen to like the clothes. The other day somebody called me an abercrombie zombie and I couldn't stand it! I had to tell people that not all people that shop at abercrombie are stupid model bimbo's! We have feelings, we just happen to have a great sense of style. So before you write some long comment on here about how much you hate the people who shop at abercrombie, realize they are people just like you who happen to like a certain brand of clothing, and you are the real abercrombie zombie. Plus you're doing wonders for their marketing! abercrombie owes you and your pathetic friends a big thank you! So go put on your all black clothes as a big "screwyou" to the world. Really you are just another jealous "abercrombie zombie". Thanks guys! You are just making it cooler to shop there, I mean probably a lot of people want to shop there because they don't want to be associated with you!
abercrombie zombie: I hate the people that shop at abercrombie! They think they are so cool, when really they are just air heads. But instead of ignoring them and not shopping there, I'm going to think about them all the time!

abercrombie shopper:I am happy with my life! I have some great clothes, friends, and a great life! I am comfortable with who I am.
by Abercrombie shopper July 10, 2006

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