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Verb. Refers the action slapping the thumb-side of one's clenched fist into the open palm of one's other hand, mimicking the action of attempting to extract ketchup that is stuck within a glass bottle. This action produces a slapping sound that is meant to imitate the sound produced by the contact of flesh between two people committing vigorous sexual intercourse or similar act. In more rare cases it can refer to solo masturbation.
Example 1.)

Person 1: Where did Dan and Molly go?

Person 2: I don't know (makes ketchup bottle motion).

Example 2.)

Person 1: Where did Dan and Molly go?

Person 2: I don't know, ketchup bottle (motion may or may not be made while saying this).

Example 3) (masturbation)

Person 1: Where did Dan go?

Person 2: I don't know, (insert text from examples 1 or 2)
by Abe Rego October 30, 2009
Noun. slang term for penis. This term allows for unexpected and humorous innuendo. The word originates from the Minneapolis/St. Paul (Twin Cities) region of Minnesota and is know to have spread around the state. The use of this word is most common in the Twin Cities, Winona, and Duluth regions of the state.
His flesh cadet is at rigid attention and will be at the firing range soon.

In plain English, this means, "His penis is erect and is going to have a sexual encounter soon."
by Abe Rego October 30, 2009

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