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1. A veneer of lesser objects, distracting a viewer from the quality, or value, underneath. 2. Anything that soft-pedals a potentially desirable object that may otherwise standout. 3. Something intended to cloak a treasure. 4. Seeming valueless 5. Illusion, or slight-of-hand, through placement of objects.

Note: Camoflauge is a known common misspelling for the word Camouflage. Thus, Ghettouflage is the proper spelling.
Homeboy's ghettouflage radically changed the appearance of his, high-end, glossy, new Bianchi cyclocross bike. He had pasted assorted stickers across most of bike's surface. Only time will tell if that helps protect it from a ghetto gank, considering current ghettonomics at the dawn of this humble year 2010.
by Abe Broham February 14, 2009

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