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a bike that people buy on impulse which end up costing alot on the engine and other things such as insurance. buying this bike seems to have a good effect on your mood but will soon turn it downwards when your 43 grand in debt. unlucky for some and just plain shit for others. quite frankly they should have just listened from the start. Gears break .. pistons get wrecked all in all... dont buy one!
Adam:hey Kie did you here that curt bought a Rieju?

Kie: yeah... his care free spending days are over!
by Abdul Jahbar February 10, 2008
When part of the anatomy, often the stomach but not in every situation, hangs over the genitalia and vaginal area. Ginger people are most likely to be the target off this insult as results already clearly indicate they are the most "Guntish". Often used as a term of slang to describe the gut hanging over the c**t...
Oh My God geezer!, look at that big ass ginger Gunt over there!!!
:O did you just say the C-Word?
no, Gunt mate, its....(refer to description above)
by Abdul Jahbar January 23, 2008
King charlie!!! woop
oh! that adam king is soo king charlie!
by abdul jahbar March 15, 2007
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