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1. A portmanteau of "borderline" and "whore." The act of displaying sluttish characteristics while falling short of actually being a promiscuous whore.

2. Promiscuity conducted with very high standards, proper hygiene and caution.

1. She's really whorderline. I swear dude, she acts like a total cumdumpster, but her self-control is impeccable!

2. Yes, you have lots of sex. Yes, you're responsible about it and pull it off admirably. Still? Kinda whorderline.
by Abdallah Price July 05, 2010
1. Someone who participates in tard farming, which is the action of having a job where you deal with a lot of stupid and braindead people at any given point in time who are not your coworkers (note: working in an office full of idiots is called "misfortune", not tard farming).

2. When you are amongst a whole lot of stupid people whom you pointedly don't want to interact with, but they keep coming up to you, anyway. Consequently, they will not go away until you answer their questions or verbally beat them into a bigger oblivion than the one they've known.
1. I swear, sitting at this fucking desk and dealing with inbred hordes of college kids who will never go anywhere in life makes me feel like a tard farmer.
2. Dude, he works for the City University of New York. Natural born tard farmer, if you ask me.
by Abdallah Price May 13, 2010
1. Being attracted to MILFs rather than regular young chicks who can't throw a decent blowjob and still confuse a casual encounter with commitment.

2. Having the perpetual fortune/misfortune (depending on your tastes) of being MILF bait.

3. A perfectly acceptable thing to mutter at the PTA conference.
1. Shit, he can't keep his hands off the childbearing pussy. Milfadelic, man.

2. That kid is so milfadelic he's gotta fight the AARP crowd offa' hisownself with a stick.

3. Both our daughters are in the third grade together. Did I mention you are completely milfadelic? :::ducks:::
by Abdallah Price May 09, 2010
1. An episode of constant farting which stinks like a third-world storm drain and is usually brought on by some type of ethnic food.

2. Taking a shit and moaning like a woman giving birth.
1. "I went to Chipotle for lunch and now I've got a case of the beefy queefies, and I'm very afraid of leaving a pool of Bosco in my underwear."
2. "Dude, Henry's in the can, shouting like a maternity patient. Guess he's got the beefy queefies."
by Abdallah Price May 22, 2010
Alternate name for Thanksgiving, owing to the sheer amount of destruction to the turkey population just in one day.
"Hey, Chet. You gotta figure there are about 115 million households in the U.S., right? And let's say the majority of those have a turkey on the table. Think about how many turkeys are butchered just for ONE DAY, dude!"

"I know, Hank. Total gobblecaust."

"Happy Gobblecaust! Chew on your turkey, kidfert!"
by Abdallah Price November 23, 2012
Slang for pussy- especially one that ejaculates, queefs, or pops out shitty children excessively.
"Looking down the barrel of that chick's guava-cannon is like staring at the distended mouth of a palsy patient."

"Swear t'Jesus- I was lyin' on the bed after we fucked, and she climbed over me to use the bathroom. All'a sudden her guava-cannon fires off, and now I gots the chunkies in mah chest hair."
by Abdallah Price November 04, 2011
1. A piece of food that is yarfed up (vomited up violently and vocally) and still discernible in its identity.

2. A perfectly reasonable substitute for "asshole" or "wuss."
1. "Y'know... that yarf nugget kind of looks like my chicken satay. For the last time, stop stealing my food outta the fridge!"

2. "Quit being a fuckin' yarf nugget and get me the sledgehammer. Did you want cow for dinner or what?"
by Abdallah Price August 27, 2010

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