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sex that is so pleasurable one just cant get enough, often includes multiple orgasams, followed by the need to have sex again and again, can only be performed by the sexiest and most talented of men.
I can't sleep, I really need some Matt sex!
#orgasam #sex #hot guys #pleasure #intercourse
by abcdefghi February 06, 2007
a women that beats on here husband or man and/or verbaly abuses him. A woman who beats up on men. Usual a woman who gets drunk and/or has low self-esteem.
she beats on her man.. dang dat makes he a man beater.
#wife beater #women beater #woman beater #cami #came
by abcdefghi April 22, 2007
having sex with a member of the opposite sex while on the toilet.
A had to go to the bathroom so I called my girlfriend in there and we had a nice shitty shitty bang bang.
#shit #bang #shitty #shi #ban
by abcdefghi April 16, 2007
Noun. A girl who is sweet at times and can be good to get to know, pretty, smart at moments. And sometimes a good friend which is all needed. Though on the other hand. A girl who thinks that she's the sweetest thing and that drama is attracted to her but in reality she causes the drama. Really she's a whore and slut, and actually pretty much a complete dumbass. Pretends that she has acquired an accent possibly british or Aussie. Tends to have many boyfriends and surely doesn't care. One who should be slapped at times. Maybe a women or can grow but be stuck in her teenage ways.
Yea don't touch that it causes a Ashley.

Aww Ashley your so good.
#gay #bitch #nice #slut #friend #girl #fat #big butt #big foot
by Abcdefghi August 12, 2012
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