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An exceptionally hard kung fu blow, using only two fingers, that will cause blood to spurt out of the area hit.

Or fingering a girl with excessive force
'Huh, Shaolin Finger Jab'- The White Abbott of the Wu-Tang


"She was being a noisy bitch, so i Shaolin finger jabbed her.'
by AbbotWhite October 05, 2007
The way in which Peadophiles reason.
from Brass Eye
'Who would abduct a child?'
"i don't know, its absolute nonce-sense'
by AbbotWhite October 05, 2007
British Slang for weed.
'Wear a hat out, its cold'(Bring your weed)
'I just bought a new hat, i'm gonna go wear it now'

'Do you wanna go halves on a hat?'
'I can only afford a beret'
by AbbotWhite October 05, 2007
To be both very stoned (munted) and very pissed (cunted) at the same time.
Can cause excessive levels of greeness.
'This house party is gonna be shit...I'm just gonna get really munty-cunted to make it bareable'
by AbbotWhite October 05, 2007
Small balls of poo that collect in ones arse hair. The cause of this is unknown, but is suspected to be shoddy wiping.
Micheal: "last night i had some cocoa pops so deeply inbedded in my arse hair that i had to remove it with scissors.
by AbbotWhite October 05, 2007
Someone who gives so much oral sex ther'e lungs are fucked by all the jizz.
'yo bitch, you got yo'self some fuck lungs'
by AbbotWhite October 06, 2007
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