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The 'tardle shell' is the turtleshell-like tiny backpack so frequently seen on the morbidly obese and mentally challenged folks in our society.

You often see heavy set people with these backpacks, which have two straps (usually black and/or thin, corded). These straps go around the shoulders to hold the tardle shell in place in the middle of the back.

The name 'tardle shell' comes from 'turtle shell' and 'retard', since often those called 'retards' wear these backpacks like shells.
Did you see that fat chick crossing the street? She had on a tardle shell!
by AbbeyRoade June 26, 2009
A word from the Swedes, meaning "wow" or "surprised"
Longiek! (I can't believe it!)
by AbbeyRoade November 19, 2004
A name often used to refer to someone by the name of "Steve", "Stephen" or any variation of the name "Steven". It is also used to refer to surfer dudes, Australian guys, or jocker/surfers in general.
Dude, whoa! That Steve-O just caught a 10-footer!

My name is Steve! Steve..Bond! (But you can just call me Steve-O)
by AbbeyRoade May 28, 2005
A word that, in Chinese, means "I'm going to kill you". This was learned by my Chinese tourguide while trying to fend off unwanted vendors, which crowd the streets by day.
"5 Dolla? 5 Dolla???" "No, loser!"
"8 Dollah!" "boo-yah"
-Chinese vendor runs off-
by AbbeyRoade May 29, 2005
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