4 definitions by Abbey

1)noun- A highway in Jacksonville Florida, home of many "smutty" strip clubs and hookers.
2)adj- slutty
Honey go change, your shirt is so Phillips Highway!
I used to hang out with Heather, but lately shes been so Philips Highway.
by Abbey March 30, 2004
when you make fun of sumone who is fat(chubby)
me: ur so fat
trevor: thats a chubism
by abbey February 07, 2004
I farted
Hey... defrafi
by Abbey April 07, 2003
a place to talk to ur friends and family instead of using the phone.by the way this is abbey town speakin!!!holla!
havin the phone attached to ur ear all day is a bad thing to do cuz it starts to hurt ur ear!!
by abbey February 21, 2004

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